Personal Transformation Courses

Personal Transformation Courses

Become the glorious goddess you were born to be, as you radiate and attract love, success and happiness!

I have handpicked three amazing courses that can help you become the woman of your dreams in 2017. I’ve followed and admired each of the accomplished presenters for many years. And I have completed all three courses, and found they have improved and enriched my life in transformative and lasting ways.

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Denise Linn is a dynamic Aries. Over the years I’ve attended many of  her wonderful workshops. The first one was at the Mind*Body*Spirit Festival in Melbourne [Australia] in 1995. I then met her again in 1997, when we were both presenters at the Mind*Body*Spirit Festival in Sydney. In this course, learn how to jump-start 2017 and hyper-manifest your dreams.

Includes 5 things you can do NOW to sky-rocket your year!





Like many other people, I first saw Dr Laura Berman on the Oprah show about 10 years ago. Since then I’ve read all of her books, and have always been impressed by her no-nonsense approach to love and intimacy. In this mind-blowing course [suitable for singles and couples] learn how to find Quantum Love … a whole level of love that’s available to all of us.

Includes 4 daily practices to attract more love into your life.



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Dr Christiane Northrup came to my attention in the late 1980s, when I was doing a macrobiotic course in London, and an interview with her was part of our study material. Since then her numerous books have been my go-to guides on women’s health and wellbeing.  In this inspiring course she explores why [and how] glorious goddesses never age.

Dr Northrup also explains why you should NEVER tell anyone how old you are again!



I receive many requests to promote products or become an affiliate but [up until now] I have declined all offers as I was waiting for the right product to come along. Hay House appeals to the same audience that I write for, so it’s a perfect fit. And I am only promoting products that I have personally used and found to be practical, helpful and inspiring. So I hope you will love these three powerful courses as much as I do! Boho goddess blessings from Joanne x


Read about Joanne’s best-selling eBook Love and Sex Signs – Venus, Mars and Astrology HERE

eBook from astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore


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