2017 Shining Year Personal Planner

2017 Shining Year Personal Planner

2017 Personal Planner


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Make 2017 your most organized and successful and exceptional year ever!

Choose the 2017 Diary and Planners that I personally recommend and use …

Created by Leonie Dawson especially for performers, artists, writers, musicians, healers, hippies, bohemians, mamas, students, coaches, teachers, business owners and entrepreneurs. Colorful, creative, spiritual types … the very same beautiful women who are Boho Astro horoscope readers.

mockupbookslight3Over the last eight years, over 250,000 women around the world have used these incredible workbooks with the most amazing results. It’s the best planning tool available to help you make 2017 your most exceptional year yet!The 2017 Shining Year Planner Collection is filled with powerful worksheets to help you create your most amazing new year ever. The collection includes Goals and Diary Planner, Life workbook, Biz workbook, wall charts, stickers and To Do List Pad. [You can buy them separately or as a bundle.] All beautifully illustrated by boho goddess Leonie Dawson. It’s the planner collection that gets results!orderyoursnowsquare

I receive many requests to personally promote products or become an affiliate but [up until now] I have declined all offers as I was waiting for the right product to come along. Leonie Dawson’s 2017 Planner Collection appeals to the same audience that I write for, so it is a perfect fit. And I would never personally endorse anything that I don’t use myself. So I’m hoping you will love this planner collection as much as I do! Joanne x


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