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Best free horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore

Free Daily Horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.Daily Horoscopes: Wednesday Jan 27

TODAY’S STARS: The Moon’s in Cancer so do your best to be compassionate and caring today.

FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Bridget Fonda, Alan Cumming, Rosamund Pike.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: You are an innovative thinker. The next 12 months is the time to explore and extend your creative side, especially at work.

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ARIES March 21-April 20 ***

Today’s stars increase your desire to communicate with others online and boost your social networking profile. But don’t sit on the sofa for too long! Some vigorous physical activity is a must.

TAURUS April 21-May 21 ***

Although you’re desperate for a much-needed holiday, you’re in a cycle that requires hard work and involves extra responsibilities. So stay the course and you’ll travel in style later on!

GEMINI May 22-June 21 **

Don’t spoil the potential for long-term success by being slap-dash and careless with others. Take the time to absorb important details along the way today, especially involving finances.

CANCER June 22-July 23 ***

With the Moon visiting your sign you’ll feel moody, sensitive, compassionate and crabby – all at the same time! Resist the urge to be emotionally manipulative with others though.

LEO July 24-Aug 23 ***

Many creative Cats are in the mood for some delicious daydreaming, as you escape into your own private fantasy world – invitation only! Solitude is definitely soul food for you at the moment.

VIRGO Aug 24-Sep 23 ***

Attached Virgos – there is the potential to heal a stubborn relationship problem today. Singles – give philanderers the flick. Look for love with someone who is creative, kind and compassionate.

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LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23 ***

If you are patient today, then you’ll muddle through but avoid getting drawn into petty and pointless power plays. Single Libra – you need a partner who is strong, smart and caring.

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 ***

Close relationships are unpredictable at the moment. But Venus encourages you to swallow your pride, slap on a happy smile, and hold out the olive branch of peace. Feel the love Scorpio!

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21***

Sassy Sagittarians are feeling industrious, as Mars and Uranus stir up your job zone. So professional projects are particularly favored but avoid being evasive with a work colleague.

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 ***

You may have to let go of a relationship that’s no longer working, which will give you the freedom to move forward. However, if the partnership is worth fixing, then do all you can to fight for it.

AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 ***

A creative and compassionate approach works well with a work colleague or a close friend today Aquarius. Listen carefully to what others have to say … you might learn something!

PISCES Feb 20-March 20 ***

With four planets in your solitude zone, you have a strong need for privacy at the moment. But friendships are favored today, so reach out to a special friend or understanding work colleague.

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