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Best free horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore

Free Daily Horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.Daily Horoscopes: May 28-29

WEEKEND STARS: Gung-ho Mars hooks up with adventurous, generous Jupiter. So courage and confidence are a great combination this weekend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY: You are a creative and innovative person. Over the next 12 months, learn to be more patient with others – and yourself.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY: You have a natural charisma that draws other people to you. 2022 is the year to get more in touch with your deepest emotions.

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ARIES March 21-April 20 **

Avoid procrastination Aries! With Jupiter and Mars stimulating your sign, it’s time to assume a leadership role. You’re keen to communicate and act in increasingly dramatic and dynamic ways.

TAURUS April 21-May 21 ***

The more honest and straight-forward you are with family, friends and colleagues, the better the weekend will be. Plus make sure you spend some quality time with a very special person. You!

GEMINI May 22-June 21 ***

There could be some entertaining shenanigans with family members or close friends this weekend. When it comes to a group project or a shared dream, courage and confidence will take you far.

CANCER June 22-July 23 ***

Are you looking for a job or trying to get a work project off the ground? This weekend, Mars and Jupiter provide a welcome confidence boost. So it’s time to get organized and be proactive.

LEO July 24-Aug 23 ****

You’ll feel rather restless, as Mars and Jupiter activate your travel zone. So it’s a good time to escape on a short weekend adventure. Or plan an exciting longer trip for later in the year.

VIRGO Aug 24-Sep 23 ***

Things are not as they seem this weekend. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface that you may not be aware of. So it’s a good time to look, listen, research, observe closely, and learn.

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LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23 ***

When it comes to relationships – of the romantic and platonic variety – you need to be proactive. If things are tense, then work out ways to get communication flowing again.

SCORPIO Oct 24-Nov 22 ***

Are you being professionally proactive? Mars and Jupiter are energizing your job zone. So think about dynamic new ways to work with students, colleagues, clients or customers.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23-Dec 21 ****

Friendships are favored, as you combine individual talents for a productive result. It’s also a good weekend to work on improving a relationship with a relative. Constant connection is the key.

CAPRICORN Dec 22-Jan 20 ***

A domestic matter requires your energy and enthusiasm. So do your best to get family members motivated. Join forces and entertain at home or tackle an overdue DIY project.

AQUARIUS Jan 21-Feb 19 ***

You’re in conversation mode, as Mars and Jupiter stir up your communication gene. You’re keen to hear the latest neighborhood news. But don’t get carried away and spread salacious gossip.

PISCES Feb 20-March 20 ***

The stars favor being less scattered and more proactive. You’ll find an ounce of action will get you a lot further than a pound of pondering. Especially when it comes to money and business.

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