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Best free horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore

Weekly Horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.Weekly Horoscopes: May 23-29

Free Weekly Horoscopes: As the Sun transits through Gemini (sign of the Twins) prepare for a stop-start kind of week! Slow one minute (Mercury Retrograde) and then go-go-go the next (Mars into Aries, conjunct Jupiter). So you need to be nimble and adaptable. Read your horoscope below, with inspiring quotes from this week’s birthday greats Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks.

To read your horoscope (and the weekly horoscopes of family and friends) scroll down to the relevant zodiac signs below. If you want to re-check last weeks’ horoscopes (May 16-22) then scroll down to the bottom of this week’s horoscopes and re-read them again. Weekly Horoscopes are updated every Sunday. 

The Sun’s now in Gemini. Whatever your zodiac sign, discover how to make the most of GEMINI SEASON here.

ARIES March 21-April 20

Prosperity planet Jupiter is transiting through your sign, for the first time since 2011. Plus lucky Venus and dynamic Mars are visiting Aries too! So it’s time to be creative, be proactive and dream big dreams. Draw inspiration from birthday great Stevie Nicks (who turns 74 on Thursday). “My life is a testament to believing that if you want something, you can make it happen.” However – with Mercury retrograde until June 3 – you’ll have to be patient. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Uranus (the planetary harbinger of change) is still in Taurus. And Mercury’s reversing through your sign until June 3. So avoid being a stubborn, stuck-in-a-rut Bull! Make sure you capitalize on unexpected opportunities that come your way. Be flexible and do your best to embrace adjustments with both hands. Change doesn’t have to be scary. As singer-songwriter (and this week’s birthday great) Bob Dylan reminds us, “There is nothing so stable as change.” Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Avoid taking your Gemini health for granted. Be proactive about making positive lifestyle choices and prioritize time for regular exercise and nutritious home-cooked meals. As writer (and birthday great) Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us, “The first wealth is health.” And is a platonic or romantic relationship going through a bumpy patch? Mercury is retrograde until June 3. So work on keeping the lines of communication wide open. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Crabs are very good at brewing and stewing on perceived grievances from the past. This week, with Mercury retrograde and Venus squaring Pluto (in your relationship zone), karma is calling. So it’s an appropriate time to forgive someone and let go of a grudge that’s been weighing you down. Especially involving an ex-lover or a former friend. Then you’ll feel lighter and less encumbered by problems from the past. Destiny is knocking so be ready to answer! Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Freedom, far-away adventures and exotic escapades are calling as Venus, Mars and Jupiter activate your travel zone. Clever Cats will be patient and make it a priority to plan (and save for) a dream holiday sometime soon. So your motto is from birthday great, philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” A chat with a student, teacher or mentor puts a current problem in perspective. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Mercury (your patron planet) is retrograde until June 3. So don’t be too hard on yourself or let rattled nerves stop you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do. You’re feeling stressed but try not to sweat the small stuff. Careful preparation is the key. Attached Virgo – set ambitious goals together. Singles – don’t just dip your toe into the dating pool. Research and planning are required, so you give yourself the best chance of long-term success in love. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE

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LIBRA Sep 24-Oct 23

Venus, Mars and Jupiter are revving up your partnership zone. But Mercury is reversing through your intimacy zone, so a romantic relationship could feel stuck. Do your best to talk about problems with your sweetheart, as you introduce some exciting new activities into the mix. If you’re single, you could revisit a rocky old romance (while wearing decidedly rose-colored glasses). Just remember that memories are so seductive because they’re so selective! Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Mercury reverses through your partnership zone until June 3. So other people will continually flummox you with their confusing behavior. Avoid being a cynical Scorpio who sabotages relationships. Nurture and cherish your close connections. If you’re unhappily single, then keep pursuing your dream of finding your soul mate. Be inspired by birthday great, singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks, “I live in the realm of romantic possibility.” Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Your ruler Jupiter is jumping through fellow fire sign Aries, which increases enthusiasm and motivation. So make the most of it! The next 12 months is a terrific time to expand, enthuse, encourage and explore. Be inspired by actress Joan Collins (who was born on May 23, 1933). “I’m very lucky; I seldom get depressed. I’m a ‘glass half full’ person. In fact, it’s three-quarters full!” But tread carefully on Friday when relations with a friend could be fiery. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


With Venus, Mars and Jupiter visiting your domestic zone, it’s a good week to entertain family and friends at home with an impromptu meal. Convivial conversation is a bonus. Being of service to others – with kindness, compassion and style – also brings much joy and satisfaction. So your motto for the moment is from birthday great, writer Ralph Waldo Emerson. “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Your humanitarian Aquarian nature is highlighted. So it’s a good week to get involved in formal volunteer work, especially within your local community. Or just lend a charitable hand to a friend, family member or neighbor who’s in need. However, the Venus/Pluto square (on Friday) increases your tendency to spend too much time in a fantasy world. So avoid making an important move until you are seeing things in a more realistic light. Be patient. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE


Have you got your head stuck in the sand? If you avoid dealing with an urgent issue, then expect more problems. Face the reality that a family matter must be re-calibrated or a major relationship needs to be reinvented. In the words of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver (who was born on May 27, 1975) “People hate change, until the pain of not changing is worse than change itself.” When it comes to a financial matter, be creative, philosophical and proactive. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE

Best Free Weekly Horoscopes are Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2022 

Last Weeks Horoscopes - May 16-22

KICKASS ARIES [March 21-April 20]

The week starts with the Lunar Eclipse, which increases your magnetism and boosts your ability to inspire others and transform your own life. Find appropriate ways to let off steam and choose challenging projects to channel your fiery energy into. Then Mars (your power planet) hooks up with Neptune on Wednesday. Which increases creativity and intuition … but also decreases energy and motivation. So pace yourself, as you keep following your dreams.

TENACIOUS TAURUS [April 21-May 21]

The Lunar Eclipse lights up your partnership zone, so it will be impossible to escape relationship issues this week. Intense concentration, careful listening and calm compromise are the keys to drama-free relations. But - with Mercury reversing through your money zone - it’s not a good time to buy big ticket items (like a house or a car), sign business contracts, apply for a bank loan or lend money to others. Instead, be a patient Bull and wait.

GUNG-HO GEMINI [May 22-June 21]

Dynamic Mars pairs up with Neptune on Wednesday, which is fabulous for taking bold new ideas and incorporating them into your professional plans for the future. Destiny is around and you’ll find the more you combine the creative with the practical, the better the long-term outcome will be. But with Mercury still in retrograde mode (in your sign) there’ll be some stumbling blocks along the way. So do your best to be a patient and adaptable Twin.

CREATIVE CANCER [June 22-July 23]

This week will be confusing so slow down and get your bearings before you proceed. Convivial Crabs - aim to get the balance right between socializing with others and spending quality time on your own. Shine a spotlight on your aspirations for the future. Are they an honest reflection of who you are right here and right now? If you have an ongoing problem that’s bothering you, look to a wise mentor or a mature friend for some well-chosen words of advice.

LUCKY LEO [July 24-Aug 23]

Watch out for domestic dramas, as the Lunar Eclipse shines an intense spotlight on a brewing and stewing family situation. And with Mercury still retrograde, it’s not a good week to make big decisions (especially involving goals and friendships). Be patient and listen to tried-and-true friends who have shown their loyalty. Be inspired by this week’s birthday great Cher, “I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine myself, encourage me to grow.”


You’re keen to help. But do other people require your well-meaning assistance? Remember Mercury (your patron planet) is in retrograde mode until June 3. So be careful you’re not just being a fussy and finicky meddler. And if you are too quick to critique others, then you could find yourself with a fractious friend or a cranky colleague on your hands. Praise and encouragement will get you a lot further than criticism, no matter how ‘constructive’ it is.

LOVABLE LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]

Mercury is retrograde until June 3. So things won’t run smoothly, especially involving relationships, finances, education or travel. If you adapt to changing circumstances and accept mistakes and misunderstandings with good grace, then you’ll manage fine. Heed the wise words of entertainer Beyonce (who has Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and her Ascendant in Libra). “If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.”


Metamorphosis is the name of the game, as the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio pushes you to rise Phoenix-like from the ashes of a difficult situation. A challenging relationship (with a partner, relative or neighbor) has the potential to be reborn into a much more positive partnership. Thursday’s Sun/Pluto trine will help you release old grudges, let go of the past, forgive and forget, and move on. But a situation with a child, teenager or friend remains confusing and complicated.


The Lunar Eclipse highlights intuitive insights, but don’t get so carried away that you head into the realm of pure fantasy. Retrograde Mercury confuses communication, so be careful you’re not viewing people through ridiculously rose-colored glasses. If you’re attached, are you and your partner on the same page? If you’re single and looking for love, be cautious. Make sure you can you differentiate between a dream date and a disappointing dud.


Monday’s Lunar Eclipse activates your hopes and wishes zone, so start dreaming some big dreams now! Then Thursday’s powerful Sun/Pluto trine boosts your magnetism and determination. But avoid being a gullible Goat. Someone could try to pull the wool over your eyes, so stay alert. Aim to channel your creative Capricorn energy into friendships, neighborhood connections and local community projects. It’s a good week to think global, act local.


This week’s Lunar Eclipse lights up your career/reputation zone. Plus taskmaster Saturn is still transiting through your sign, and Mercury is reversing through your creativity zone. So confidence about your talents and your future direction is rather wobbly. Don’t listen to your inner critic! Be inspired by singer-actress Cher, who turns 76 on Friday. “If you’re waiting for someone to believe in you, you’ll be waiting forever. You must believe in yourself.”


Neptune links up with Mars, so creativity and empathy will soar. But be clear in the way you communicate, otherwise your true meaning will be scrambled. And are you being the real you? Or are you living your life according to other people’s agendas and expectations? The more you express the artistic, humanitarian and spiritual sides of your Piscean personality, the less confused you’ll feel. So it’s a great week to create, contemplate, and help someone in need.


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