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Best free horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore

Weekly Horoscopes from media astrologer Joanne Madeline MooreWeekly Horoscopes September 16-22, 2019

Free Weekly HoroscopesThe Mars/Pluto trine is all about going after what you want with extra passion, purpose and power. Which is particularly good for Aries, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn folk! Whereas the Jupiter/Neptune square confuses perceptions, which is especially disorienting for Sagittarius and Pisces people! So this week, pick your projects carefully and choose your companions wisely.

To read your horoscope (and the weekly horoscopes of family and friends) scroll down to the relevant zodiac signs below. If you want to re-check last weeks’ horoscopes (September 9-15) then scroll down to the bottom of this week’s horoscopes and re-read them again. Weekly Horoscopes are updated every Sunday. 

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Avoid being a lightweight Aries. A delicate domestic situation or a tricky work issue requires deep thinking and deft diplomacy. So take off your bossy cap and slip on your humility hat instead! With Pluto on your side, you can transform a frustrating negative into an amazing positive! On the weekend you may worry about your future trajectory. If you meditate on the possibilities, then you’ll wake up on Monday morning with renewed motivation and a workable plan. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


The focus is on friendship, creativity and productivity. So look for a project where you can combine these three elements in wonderfully transformative ways! But beware a false friend who doesn’t really have your best interests at heart.  Attached Taurus – avoid getting stuck in a romantic rut! Do your best to put some passion and pizzazz back into the partnership. Unhappily single? You could find true love via an introduction from a work colleague or a close friend. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


This week you’ll feel overwhelmed by work politics or relationship pressures. You’re keen to escape stressful scenarios and daydream the hours away but that doesn’t mean the problems will magically disappear! If you are a gullible Gemini, then you run the risk of being led astray by a smooth-talking partner, friend, relative, colleague, client or customer. You need to dig deep and have the courage, conviction and fortitude to forge your own path and follow your own dreams. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Relations with family members are set to improve, as Mercury and Venus visit your domestic zone. Plus Saturn moves forwards, which should help a shaky close relationship gradually move on to more stable ground. On the weekend nebulous Neptune squares Jupiter, so avoid getting involved in confusing scenarios that lead nowhere (especially involving work, travel or international connections). And steer well clear of dubious people who make vague promises. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Under the influence of the positive Mars/Pluto connection, an idea you have (involving work, business or finances) could really take off. But you must understand and accommodate the needs of others, not just your own. And it’s imperative that you have a practical and viable plan. Wonderful words and pie-in-the-sky promises mean nothing if they’re not backed up with actual action. So, if you make a career decision – stick to it; and if you set a goal – work hard to achieve it. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Virgos are analytical creatures. And this week you’ll be given the opportunity to impress others with your methodical mind, multi-tasking skills and meticulous attention to detail. So don your detective cap and start solving a problem or getting to the bottom of a mystery ASAP. A close relationship looks very confusing on the weekend though. You think you know what’s going on but you really don’t have a clue! Perhaps it’s time to ask for an explanation and some clarification? Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


The stars favor transforming a domestic negative into a positive, or spending time with a special family member. Mercury and Venus (your patron planet) are now visiting your sign, which highlights your natural charm and diplomatic skills. You’ll certainly need them in spades on the weekend, when the Jupiter/Neptune square blurs reality and confuses communication for everyone. So you may be called on to smooth troubled waters and soothe furrowed brows! Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


You’re in the mood to daydream, but be careful you don’t delude yourself about the true motives of a friend (especially where money is involved). Creative projects and spiritual pursuits are productive ways to express your imagination and tap into your intuition. It’s a good week to set ambitious goals that will transform your future in inspirational ways. The Mars/Pluto trine is also terrific for spreading powerful waves of influence within your local or online community. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Neptune squares Jupiter (your power planet) so be careful you don’t get carried away with impractical dreams and impossible schemes. False optimism and unrealistically short time-lines could also lead you to cut corners or take foolish risks. Success will come if you combine inspirational ideas with plenty of elbow-grease and patience. As Sagittarian writer George Eliot reminds us “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


It’s a cracking week for Capricorns! On Wednesday, Saturn (your patron planet) moves forwards. So projects or situations that have been stalled since May will finally start to zoom ahead. Then the Sun and Pluto activate your sign on Thursday and Friday, when you’ve got the power and the passion to make things happen. But don’t let your desire to control everything (and everyone) get out of control! Aim to be disciplined and organized, but not obsessively so. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


It’s a good week to catch up with foreign friends, go on an adventure or study something that has always intrigued you. You need to discard superficial chit-chat and have something substantial to say. But Neptune scrambles your financial antennae. So avoid borrowing funds, buying property, making investments, going on a shopping spree or lending money to others because you’re liable to make decisions based on confusing information and fluctuating emotions. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Are you full of fabulous ideas and abstract Piscean plans, but short on practical application? This week Neptune squares Jupiter, so there’s a tendency to either delude yourself or be deceived by someone else. You’ll need to keep your reality radar switched onto high, and fact check any questionable information that comes your way. Plus follow through on your long list of commitments. No matter how daunting they are, or how many obstacles are placed in your way. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.

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Last Weeks Horoscopes - September 9-15

KICKASS ARIES [March 21-April 20]

With the Full Moon highlighting your humanitarian side, it’s time to re-connect with others, roll up your sleeves and help those around you. Issues from the past could arise, as unresolved matters surface and demand to be addressed. Your imagination is also ignited and you’ll find magic is around you, if you know where to look. So your mantra for the week is from birthday great, writer Roald Dahl. “The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.”

TENACIOUS TAURUS [April 21-May 21]

The focus is on friends - how to find them, nurture them and keep them. It’s also time to distance yourself from a phony friend who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. (There’s definitely no room in your peer group for someone who is jealous or disparaging about your talents and achievements.) So your motto for the moment is from birthday great Roald Dahl. “Good friends are like stars. You can’t always see them twinkle but you know they are always there.”

GUNG-HO GEMINI [May 22-June 21]

It’s a great week to do some research, work out a puzzle, solve a problem or find something that’s been lost. Home life is highlighted, as you get creative around the house, tackle a DIY project or catch up with family members. Friday is fabulous for conversing and communicating; mixing and mingling; flirting and having fun. The Full Moon also shines a bright spotlight on a professional matter or a relationship with a boss, student, colleague, client or customer.

CREATIVE CANCER [June 22-July 23]

When it comes to your aspirations for the future, you’re full of fabulous dreams and spectacular schemes but avoid letting blind optimism lead you up the primrose path to trouble. There is the possibility of being deceived so if something (or someone) looks and sounds too good to be true, then walk away. The Full Moon pushes you to stay on top of facts and leave pure fantasy for the movies. When your dreams are grounded in robust reality, then you’ll really start to fly!

LUCKY LEO [July 24-Aug 23]

Tuesday looks rather tricky, when nebulous Neptune scrambles signals and confuses communication. So don’t accept information at face value and believe everything you hear. Take the time to do some solid fact checking before you respond. Then Friday and Saturday look promising, when there’s a Full Moon and Pluto trines the Sun (your patron planet). Which will turbo-charge your natural Cat charisma, boost your creative talents and finesse your financial flair.


Under the influence of the Full Moon, it’s a wonderful week to resolve a relationship issue with your partner, relative or close friend. Plus – with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all visiting your sign - it’s also a fortuitous time to formulate a practical new plan involving a personal matter or work project. Friday favors love and friendship as you socialize with your nearest and dearest. But energy and motivation levels will be low on Saturday so slow down and pace yourself.

LOVABLE LIBRA [Sep 24-Oct 23]

The Full Moon highlights physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, plus your humanitarian side. So it’s time to nurture yourself (via a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine) and help others. Find a cause you believe in, and contribute your talents and lend your support in creative and compassionate ways. Inspiration for the week is from birthday boy Prince Harry (who turns 35 on Sunday). “You’ve got to give something back. You can’t just sit there.”


You’ve got the power this week, as Mercury and the Sun boost your Scorpio magnetism and motivation. Concentration and determination are strong, as you dive deep into a problem or cause, and use your persuasive personality to bring others onside. Friday and Saturday are terrific for transforming a perceived negative into a positive. Make sure you approach tasks with maximum enthusiasm and plenty of passion. As birthday great Roald Dahl wrote “Lukewarm is no good.”


Relations with professional colleagues and/or family members will be lively – and rather unpredictable. When it comes to an exciting project at home or work, do your best to strike a happy medium between being spontaneous and being slapdash. If you skip over short-term minor matters, then long-term success could be compromised. This week the devil is definitely in the detail, so smart Sagittarians will knuckle down and focus on getting the fundamentals right.


Capricorns are usually incredibly careful and considered. Not this week, as mighty Mars revs up your latent impulsive streak (especially when it comes to travel and adventure). So it’s a wonderful week to go on a grand adventure, plan a heavenly holiday or book an exotic escapade for some time soon (before you change your mind). Friday night’s Full Moon amplifies your communication skills and your commitment to getting involved in an important local community project.


Avoid taking short-cuts and jumping to conclusions Aquarius. This week there’s much more to a situation than meets the eye. So look for the facts that are hidden beneath the surface; be uncharacteristically patient; and do all the research that is required before you approach people or proceed with projects. Plus resist the temptation to blow a big hole in your budget, shop up a storm, and use retail therapy as entertainment. Find less expensive ways to amuse yourself!


Resist the tendency to avoid issues and procrastinate Pisces! It’s a good week to take a long look at your goals and dreams for the future, plus get cracking on practical projects that point you in a positive new direction. Friday night’s Full Moon highlights getting the balance right between independent endeavors and committed relationships. Successful partnerships don’t just happen magically – they require long-term hard work and constant connection to make them last.


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