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Testimonials from the Boho Astro tribe of creative souls …


Linda small photo“So thrilled to have received relevant astrological guidance and down-to-earth, no-nonsense reports from Joanne Madeline Moore at Boho Astro over many years.  I just love her way of articulating the astrological influences for any given time, Joanne’s knowledge is complete and totally trusted. On several occasions I have wanted personal, one-on-one advice and was offered insightful and practical words of direction, always with kindness and love. Boho Astro is my first go-to place when looking at future possibilities and affirmation for certain situations in my life, always helpful and in hindsight, very intuitive. So grateful to have her there!”

Linda Schofield – artist, photographer, natural therapist & founder of Tamanu Australia


Rebecca from Linkedin“I just received the Boho Astro monthly newsletter by email … perfect timing as usual and fantastic encouragement. Congratulations on the site’s continued growth. I will keep promoting it and mentioning it to the people I know will love and benefit from it. [I particularly love the astro-profiles on designers like Iris Apfel and Jenny Kee, truly fascinating.] Thanks again for the wonderful monthly newsletter. I’m really enjoying the Boho Astro site and your updates are always spot on!”

Rebecca Kellock – writer, editor & publisher


Renee Lascala“Lovely well-written daily, weekly and annual horoscopes. Beautifully created images. And the Boho-Astro concept is imaginative : a textile and graphic delight. Thanks so much for your work Joanne.”

Renee Lascala – Doctor of Pharmacy, iPhotographer, Vegan, Lover of Literature, the Arcane and the Esoteric



Hannah from Soul & Spirit magazine“I did some research on Google and came across Boho Astro – which I love! Now Boho Astro is my go-to site for daily and weekly horoscopes. Joannne’s approach is insightful, clear and fun, and always lifts my heart.”

Hannah Tudor – deputy editor at Soul & Spirit magazine



“I have been following Joanne’s work for a long time and she is definitely in a realm of her own. When I PIPIfirst read her book [Love and Sex Signs], its accuracy and depth of detail really struck me. She certainly knows her craft and is clearly one of the most influential astrologers in the world today. On top of that she writes with great aplomb, insight and style, and always includes inspiring quotes and exquisite imagery in her blog posts (love the beautiful photos and paintings etc). The Boho Astro site resonates so much for a bohemian, artistic and spiritual soul like myself. Thanks Joanne!”  

Medyhne Lebachen – singer, songwriter, author, Life and Wellness Coach                                                                                                                                                      

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“The Boho Astro site [by Aussie astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore] appeals to the gypsy in me. The creative and bohemian side [as the name suggests] gets a workout in this environment. Her weekly horoscopes give clear pointers to the week ahead; and the 12 month forecasts are great for those wanting a quick directive on the 3 ‘L’s’ – Love, Loot and Lifestyle. These smooth, easy-to-read horoscopes are indicative of an astrologer adept at writing for the mass media. Refreshing design and visually appealing with clear navigation, it’s one of the most charismatic horoscope sites I have seen.”

Vanessa the Libran at Top 100 Horoscopes


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