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Special Message from Joanne

I’d like to publicly thank some of the people who have encouraged, inspired and supported me on my astrological career path over the past 20 years. Brian Clark and Glennys Lawton (my teachers), Ray Webb (who published my first astrology article), Garry Wiseman and Deborah Thomas (former editor at Cleo). Christabel Wylie (soul sister), Athena Starwoman and Jessica Adams (astrologers extraordinaire). Plus my wonderful husband James (who translates my columns into Indonesian).


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Joanne’s daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes are syndicated across five continents (in Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia). If you would like to publish Joanne’s columns, please contact …

USA & Canada – contact Canadian Artists Syndicate

Everywhere else – contact Auspac Media


Links Exchange 

Joanne regularly reads the following astrology websites …

Horoscopes Directory at Astroscoped

Daily Astrology Blog at Julie Demboski Astrology

Astrology, Horoscopes & Numerology at Astro Copia

The international website for Astrology at Astro Dienst

Numerology, Astrology, Horoscopes & Tarot at Numerology Sign

The wonderful astrology website of good friend


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