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Monthly Horoscopes: September 2019Monthly Horoscopes from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.

This month there’s a Full Moon in Pisces; nebulous Neptune squares Jupiter and opposes the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars; plus there’s a New Moon in Libra. So – with magic, mystery and intrigue in the air – expect heightened imagination, intuition, confusion and chaos in equal measure. Which is fabulous for creative, spiritual and mystical folk. But it will be very unsettling for super organized, pedantic people. The more fluid, flexible and forgiving you are, the better September will be.

Read best free Monthly Horoscopes for September below. And you can also re-read the free Monthly Horoscopes for August beneath the current ones.


The New and Full Moons highlight your health and humanitarian zones. So it’s time to nurture your body as you ditch bad habits, detox, eat nutritious food and devise an exercise routine that you’ll actually stick to. You’re also keen to re-connect with others, roll up your sleeves and help those around you. Your imagination and intuition are ignited and you’ll find magic and mystery abound, if you know where to look. So your mantra for the month is from birthday great, writer Roald Dahl. “The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


With the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all visiting your friendship zone, the focus is on friends – how to find them, nurture them and keep them. It’s also time to distance yourself from a fake friend who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. (There’s definitely no room in your peer group for someone who is jealous or disparaging about your talents and achievements.) So your motto for the moment is from writer Roald Dahl (who was born on Sep 13). “Good friends are like stars. You can’t always see them twinkle but you know they are always there.” Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


Some Geminis will feel overwhelmed by work pressures or family politics. You’re keen to escape stressful scenarios and daydream the hours away, as you retreat into your own private world. But that doesn’t mean the problems will magically disappear! Friday September 13 is fabulous for conversing and communicating; mixing and mingling; flirting and having fun. But avoid being led astray by a smooth-talking partner, relative, student, colleague, client or customer. Have the courage, conviction and fortitude to forge your own path and follow your own dreams. Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


The first few days of September favor travel, tourism, educational matters and joint ventures. But you need to tread carefully around September 13-14, when the Full Moon amps up emotional intensity, and Neptune opposes Mars. So avoid getting involved with dubious projects and confusing scenarios that lead nowhere.  If someone presses your emotional buttons, try not to react in a moody or manipulative way. Drop the “I’m right” attitude and aim for a more consultative approach, as you inspire others with your inclusive ideas and caring community spirit. Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


This month some Leos will be plagued with uncharacteristic self-doubts. Lions appear to be brazenly bold on the outside but sometimes (on the inside) you feel like a timid and tiny kitten. So work on boosting your self-esteem in tangible ways. If you don’t believe in yourself; why should anyone else? It’s definitely time to enjoy your achievements, talk up your talents, promote your accomplishments and tackle tricky challenges with plenty of Cat confidence and chutzpah. Best days are September 13-14, when Pluto boosts your charisma and powerful personality. Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


The Virgo New Moon (on August 30) sets the stage for a busy month. You’ll be given the opportunity to impress others with your methodical mind, multi-tasking skills and meticulous attention to detail. So the first week of September is the best time to initiate ideas, kick-start projects, power through paperwork, do research, edit work and problem-solve. Saturday the 7th looks confusing though so tread carefully. Under the influence of the Full Moon, Sep 13-15 is a good time to resolve a relationship issue, as long as you are realistic and prepared to compromise. Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.

LIBRA HOROSCOPERomantic Compatibility Report from top astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.

The month starts well, when Saturn helps you cement and strengthen a romantic relationship, joint venture, creative project or humanitarian endeavor. Mercury and Venus (your patron planet) vamp into your sign on September 14, which will highlight your natural charm and diplomatic skills. You’ll certainly need them in spades on September 21, when the Jupiter/Neptune square blurs reality and confuses communication for everyone. Then the Sun shifts into your sign on the 23rd, which kicks-starts your month to shine in the celestial spotlight. Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


You’ve got the power this month as the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all boost your Scorpio creativity, charm, magnetism and motivation. Concentration and determination are strong, as you dive deep into a problem or cause, and use your persuasive personality to bring others along for the ride. Just make sure you approach tasks with maximum enthusiasm and plenty of passion. As birthday great Roald Dahl wrote “If you are interested in something, go at it full speed ahead. Lukewarm is no good. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.” Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


With Jupiter jumping through Sagittarius, your motivation and energy levels are set on high … and so is your hot-headed impatience. But this month Neptune squares Jupiter (your power planet) so be careful that false optimism doesn’t mean you end up taking foolish risks. Awesome opportunities are circling around, but they’re not immediately obvious. They are hidden away in mysterious places, waiting for you to gradually discover them. Luckiest days are September 28-29, when Venus blesses a personal project, a friendship or a group activity. Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


Capricorns are usually incredibly careful and considered. But this month the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all rev up your explorative streak (especially when it comes to travel and aspirations). So it’s a marvelous month to plan a heavenly holiday or book an exotic escapade for some time soon (before you change your mind). Plus set adventurous goals for the future. Inspiration for the month is from Virgo superstar Beyonce. “I can never be safe; I always try and go against the grain. As soon as I accomplish one thing, I just set a higher goal.” Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


Neptune scrambles your financial antennae. So it’s not a good time to borrow funds, buy property, make investments, go on a shopping spree or lend money to others because you’re liable to make decisions based on confusing information and fluctuating emotions. And have you drawn up a wish list of your goals for the future? Don’t allow yourself to become stuck in a quagmire of bewildering options and “what-if” possibilities. You need to make your hopes, dreams and wishes much more tangible. Remember – you can’t hit a Bull’s-eye if you haven’t got one! Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.


You really do need to have your wits about you this month. Otherwise – under the influence of nebulous Neptune – you could end up in a confusing mess. There’s the tendency to either delude yourself or be deceived by someone else. So keep your reality radar switched onto high, and fact check any dubious information that comes your way. Attached Pisceans – are you and your partner singing from the same song sheet? Singles – can you distinguish between a soul mate connection and a dating disaster? If in doubt, let your intuition be your guide. Read your free Weekly Horoscope HERE.

Monthly Horoscopes: August 2019

August is a much more positive month than July … thank goodness! And it starts in a fabulously optimistic fashion on August 1, when the New Moon lights up Leo and Mercury finally moves forwards in Cancer. Then prosperity planet Jupiter turns direct on August 11. Luckiest days of the month are August 7-8 (Jupiter trines the Sun and Venus) and the 14th (the Sun makes beautiful music with Venus). Saturday night the 24th looks super sexy and romantic, when love and lust planets Venus and Mars hook up. So make sure you plan something special!


Get your skates on Aries! After a difficult July, August is a wonderful month to build bridges with a child, teenager or lover; initiate a new friendship; fall in love; give birth to a creative concept; start a challenging sport or take up a hobby you’ve always been interested in. Mid-month looks particularly exciting, when the Full Moon provides an opportunity for you to lead and influence others with your innovative and inspiring ideas. People are looking for you to come up with the goods so get cracking and don’t disappoint. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all highlighting your home zone, it’s time to play Domestic Goddess (or God) to the hilt as you cook, clean, de-clutter, entertain, garden, decorate or renovate. Family issues take centre stage, but you may also have to navigate your way through a professional minefield (especially around the time of the Full Moon on August 15). Avoid being a stubborn and intractable Bull. Instead, strive to handle any problems that crop up in proactive, creative and innovative ways. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Thank goodness your patron planet Mercury finally goes direct on August 1 … which also coincides with the New Moon.  So it’s a particularly positive month to communicate passionately and creatively. Whether you teach, give a speech, post a podcast, write a report or get vocal on social media, it’s time to let other people know what’s really on your mind. You’ll also receive plenty of messages, emails, texts and tweets (and maybe even some old-fashioned snail mail) but avoid the tendency to get side-tracked. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


The focus is on lust and loot as the New Moon (on August 1) activates your money zone, and the Full Moon (on August 15) stimulates your sexuality zone. So it’s the perfect month to start a fresh financial chapter, fire up a stale relationship or launch a hot new romance. Financial matters and joint ventures are favoured … just make sure you check all details carefully and vet prospective partners thoroughly. Confidence is also high, as the planets boost self-esteem and other people give you plenty of positive feedback. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all powering through your sign. So you’ll be at your charming, charismatic, colourful best … and your demanding and diva-like worst! The Leo New Moon (on August1) is the best time of the year to refresh your appearance, update your wardrobe, review your personal beliefs or launch a creative project. Around August 15 the Full Moon brings a relationship issue to a head, which clears the air so you can view the situation from a much more progressive perspective. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


After a frustrating and nail-biting July, Mercury finally turns direct on August 1 and the New Moon highlights your contemplation and spirituality zone. So it’s the ideal time to enjoy solo activities like meditation, yoga, reading, journal writing and listening to music.  (As singer-songwriter and birthday great Kate Bush wisely observes “There’s an awful lot you can learn about yourself when you’re alone.”) Then the mid-month Full Moon motivates you to kick bad habits and be more proactive about your health and wellbeing.

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Quit making lame excuses Libra! It’s time to pursue your ambitious goals for the future with plenty of passion and purpose. The New Moon (on August 1) helps you initiate ideas and make wonderful new wishes. Then the Full Moon (on August 15) pushes you to be more spontaneous and adventurous about making your dreams come true. Inspiration for the month is from fashion designer (and birthday great) Betsey Johnson. “Real success is being totally indulgent about your own trip … and going full speed ahead.”


The New Moon (on August 1) is a fortuitous time to reboot your professional attitude, initiate work ideas, make major career decisions or look for a new job, as you show others what you are really capable of. Whereas the Full Moon (on August 15) is a time when unresolved issues with a family member could rise to the surface and demand to be addressed. Possessiveness or power games could also be cause for concern. So do your best to step back and view the current situation from a more balanced and forgiving perspective.


You’ll enjoy communicating with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances from close to home and far away. The New Moon encourages you to expand your international connections, extend your educational horizons and stretch your mind in adventurous new directions. After a sluggish July, your ruler Jupiter turns direct on August 11, when your Sag joie-de-vrie starts to return. Then the mid-month Full Moon fires up your passion for local community projects. So your motto for the moment is “Think global; act local.” Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


The big questions to ask this month are “Who can I put my faith in?” and “Who can I really trust?” A close relationship is put under the microscope as you explore issues involving property, possessions, joint finances or shared resources. Then the mid-month Full Moon brings up issues involving core values and self-esteem. You’ll find the less you base your self-worth on money, status, image, physical appearance and unrealistic media expectations of what beauty and success are, the healthier and happier you’ll be. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Venus and the New Moon (on August 1) revitalize your relationship zone. So prepare to road-test a new lover, revive a flagging affair, reboot a rickety marriage or finally summon the courage to leave an unsatisfactory relationship and explore your independence. Singles – the planets send a swag of potential suitors to your door. So make the most of it, play the field, and then choose wisely. The Full Moon lights up your sign mid-month, when the planets push you to be the avant-garde Aquarian you were born to be. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.


Have you been spending too much time sitting in front of the TV eating junk food? Take a good long look at your daily diet and fitness levels, as the New Moon (on August 1) inspires you to prepare healthier meals and exercise like a pro with your favourite human or four-legged friend. Then the Full Moon pushes you to bring a work program or a volunteer project to a successful conclusion. Intuition and imagination are also heightened, as you receive important spiritual guidance and creative inspiration from within. Read your free Daily Horoscope HERE.

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