STEVIE NICKS … Her Bohemian Gemini Horoscope

Stevie Nicks Bohemian Gemini Horoscope from top media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.Singer, songwriter and fashion icon Stevie Nicks was born on May 26, 1948 with Sun in Gemini [sign of creative communication]. Bohemian individuals always have Uranus and/or Aquarius feature strongly in their horoscope and Stevie has Mercury conjunct Uranus [also in Gemini] which explains her very unique way of dressing and expressing herself.

Stevie Nicks … Her Bohemian Gemini Horoscope

But [despite her dreamy lyrics and delicate appearance] she is no will-o’-the-wisp waif! With her Moon and Midheaven in Capricorn, she has always been driven, focused and ambitious, and never wanted to play the role of the ‘conventional’ female singer “I was not going to be a stupid girl singer. I was going to be way more than that.” Over more than four decades she has maintained two careers … one with rock legends Fleetwood Mac, and the other as a very successful solo artist.

Plus, with her Rising Sign in Aries [and Sun square Mars] Stevie is a fiery and feisty feminist who greatly values freedom and independence, both personally and professionally.

“I have my own life. And I am stronger than you know.”

“We fought very hard for feminism, for women’s rights. What I’m seeing today is a very opposite thing. I see women being put back in their place. And I hate it. We’re losing all we worked so hard for and it really bums me out.”

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