Love Horoscopes … Libra

From international media astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore

Libra Love Nature 

Love Horoscopes LibraYou hate being single and adore being in love! The classic love junkie, you are addicted to romance. Libra is the sign that rules companionship and marriage, so a committed long-term relationship is incredibly important to you. You require a harmonious partnership – if things get too heavy or stressful then you’re off looking for calmer waters elsewhere. Your preferred aphrodisiacs are champagne, silk sheets and romantic love songs. And your soul mate of choice is stylish, classy and charming, with a refined bedside manner.

Best matches – Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius. They’ll stop you being lazy and keep you on your toes.

Best to avoid – Cancer and Capricorn. They can’t handle your flirtatious nature.

Best celebrity match – Linda McCartney [Libra] and Paul McCartney [Gemini].

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“Loving your horoscopes. Thanks Joanne!” Astrologer Yasmin Boland [London]

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“I pick up the paper and go straight to your stars. They are always bang on.” Lauren [Sydney]

“Your weekly stars are unbelievably right each time. Never believed before. Great job.” Julie [Vancouver]

“I find your interpretations and insights consistently jaw-dropping, and witty too!” Archetypal Astrology [New York]

“I enjoy the bright, upbeat style of your horoscope columns. It’s good to give people a lift and try to inspire.”  Rebecca [Melbourne]

“Joanne Madeline Moore predicted the astrological impact of the Virgo New Moon so accurately this month.”  Astrologer Jessica Adams [London]

“I read your horoscopes in the New Zealand Herald and it freaks me out sometimes, as it’s so accurate! I even have the link on my phone.” Wayne [Melbourne]

“This is one of the most charismatic horoscope sites I have seen … the smooth, easy-to-read horoscopes are indicative of an astrologer adept at writing for the mass media.”


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