A New Way to Reach for the Stars

A New Way to Give and Receive Astrology Readings … Instantly!

This week I wanted to share some thoughts on Instantgo, a new mobile application that lets you connect with astrologers like me instantly over the phone. The interesting feature of this platform is that it lets people connect with others via phone, questions and also texts. This means that you can continually chat with your astrologer and pay for readings in a simple fashion. Very easy and convenient in today’s messaging world! It is also a new way for astrologers to provide our services, expertise and time, and charge for it without having to go through complex scheduling or Paypal transactions. We can use Instantgo to keep in touch with our clients and friends in a more intelligent and productive manner.

With Instantgo, everything happens in the app, making it super simple for both the astrologer and the client to get their readings intelligently. The app also lets you share pictures, documents and videos so you can use additional support to provide your reading.

There are other aspects of the platform which I find interesting on Instantgo. The platform lets you find a large number of different experts in categories such as astrologers, psychics and tarot readers. You can easily access all of their profiles, see the rates being charged by each user, and get quick information such as their particular expertise and bio. It also makes the interaction more personal on all levels.

Another great functionality is the ability for users to decide to chat privately so they can ask specific questions at ease and open up in greater detail while we work on their natal charts. Confidentialliyy is always important in our relationships with our clients and the system allows for that effectively.

Last but not least, the capacity to speak and connect with so many people in so many places is a different take on knowledge sharing and learning. It is fascinating to now be able to find the exact and precise skills you are looking for, understand how people price their knowledge and time, and immediately connect with them on the platform.

Being able to get an instant astrology reading and connect over the mobile is a pleasant experience which is one of the ways we astrologers will interact with people into the future. Instantgo is one the leaders in this field and is providing innovative solutions towards that end.

Download the free Instantgo app today HERE


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