Love and Sex Signs


Do you need a relationship rescue in 2018?

All You Need Is Love … and some help from Venus and Mars.

linda and paul

Why were Paul and Linda McCartney such a compatible couple?

Paul has Venus in Taurus and Linda had Venus in Scorpio; opposites attract = a perfect match!

Paul has Mars in Leo and Linda had her Mars in Aries; both are passionate fire signs = a perfect match!

As Paul sang [about himself and Linda] “Venus and Mars are alright tonight”


john yoko-john-1973


A man often ends up with a partner who has a cluster of planets in the sign his Venus is in …

John Lennon had his Venus in Virgo and Yoko Ono has Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all in Virgo = a perfect match. 

A woman often ends up with a man who has planets in the sign her Mars is in …

Yoko has Mars in Virgo and John had Venus and Neptune in Virgo = a perfect match.

As John sang about his love for Yoko  “After-all, it is written in the stars …”


Love and Sex go together like … Venus and Mars!

venusmarsconjunctionYou know your Sun sign … but do you know your Venus and Mars signs?

Did you know that Venus is the planet of love and romance; whereas Mars is the planet of sex and passion?

If you’re single … are you looking for the perfect soul mate for you?

If you’re attached … do you want to understand your sweetheart better?

What sort of lover are you? Is your partner loyal or a philanderer?

Check out your Cosmic Compatibility with lovers – past, present and future.

Find out why some celebrity couples are so compatible … and why some famous romances were doomed from the start.


Your Astro Guide to Romantic Compatibility and Sexual Satisfaction

The eBook Love and Sex Signs is 180 pages long and contains …

  • easy-to-read charts so you can look up anyone’s Venus and Mars signs
  • profiles detailing how Venus and Mars affect your love life and sexual passions
  • guides to discover which Venus and Mars signs are compatible – and which ones aren’t
  • dozens of examples of the love and sex signs of celebrities (like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Prince Harry, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian)


Author Joanne Madeline Moore …Circle Joanne

 “One of Australia’s most popular and most respected astrologers” Australian Women Online

“Joanne Madeline Moore is respected in her field and praised by her peers” The Canberra Times

 “Joanne is a widely experienced magazine and newspaper astrologer” Jessica Adams [Astrologer]


Rave Reviews for Love and Sex Signs!

Love and Sex Signs is full of deep astrological wisdom and fresh modern insights. Joanne Madeline Moore’s style is Love & Sex Signs Fontainereminiscent of fellow Aries’ authors Linda Goodman (astrological romanticism) and Erica Jong (frank sexuality) making Love and Sex Signs a must read for all those intent on improving and enriching their love and sex lives.”     (Astrological Monthly Review)

“Readers who enjoy horoscope columns will get a great deal of pleasure, and some good guidance, from reading Love and Sex Signs. It’s simple to use, comes complete with easy to understand charts, and explores a field not often touched on. And it is excellent fun for reading aloud among friends, as you can glean instant readings from it.” (The Canberra Times)

“Discover your sexual profile and perfect bed partner with Love and Sex Signs astrological guide to simply celestial sex.” (CLEO magazine)


Love and Sex Signs  is available for instant download on AMAZON now, and you can also preview the first 30 pages for free …

'Love and Sex Signs' eBook by Joanne Madeline Moore

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